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Preferring to camp in our motor home away from civilization means having to do without such niceties as power and water hookups. But living in Southern California and camping in its high heat has always meant trying to be comfortable in an overly hot rig.

We purchased a TurboKOOL hoping that it would come close to being as good as its advertising. No worries! If anything, it exceeded our expectations on our initial test in the driveway when we deliberately left the motor home closed up until late afternoon on a ninety plus day before turning the system on to see how well it would perform.

Simply wonderful. Amazing that such a relatively small unit puts out such a volume of cool air. We're convinced!

We also had some problems getting it installed due to issues in our motor home and had to ask for help from TurboKOOL. Barbara was not only very knowledgeable but she was also extremely friendly and her thoughts and suggestions enabled us to overcome all of our problems while thoroughly enjoying interacting with her. She was like a warm and friendly next door neighbor and we look forward to dropping in on the company at some point just to meet them and visit.

RK & Judy Davis

TurboKOOL Testimonial:

As far as cooling goes the TurboKool gets an A++. It works great, it was 105 outside and 84 inside. I have not taken all the measures I can to maximize the cooling of this unit. Today it was 96 outside and 74 inside, at the TurboKool it was 68 DEGREES!!!!!

Humidity peaks at about 50 %. It is around 15 % outside. The water pump must be left on. I can hear it cycle about every 2 seconds. I think that once I get the TurboKool level with my two fresh water tanks and my 6 solar panels I should be able to go for 2 weeks in the desert IN COMFORT at temperatures up to 110 degrees.

This is " a whole new ballgame" it extends the range I can boondock in the summer to almost anywhere.


TurboKOOL Testimonial:

I have previously mentioned in passing without going into any particular detail that we installed a TurboKool on the roof of our motor home.

I am just so very, very sold on this remarkable product that I want to use this post to go into some level of detail as to what the product is, it's ease and/or difficulties of installation as well as s few words on our experiences with it since installing it last year before our four month, nine thousand plus miles and 23 state odyssey of last year.

To begin with, I had happened upon an advertisement for it many years ago but neither had the need nor the funds to follow up on it until our move to the American Desert Southwest and its infernal heat. We truly had no real need for it previously where we lived for most of our married life in the Pacific Northwest before our move south.

But the combination of the heat where we now live and base our travels out of together with our preference for campgrounds without services caused us to re-think our earlier dismissal of the concept.

But after suffering through a few camping trips without air conditioning plus thinking about and making preparations for our upcoming trip through the hottest part of the year across the entire country planning on mostly hookup-less camping motivated us to purchase one last spring.

First, for those of you wondering . . . What is a TurboKool exactly?

It is, simply stated, a swamp cooler. Evaporative cooler, more politically correctly stated.

Everyone living in the country's hotter climates will know immediately what it is. Other folks less accustomed to coping with the intense dry heat of those states, however, may not know.

It fundamentally is a machine that draws water on demand which it causes to spray or drizzle by gravity in front of a fan which blows air through that spray or falling water droplets and on into the house or other building. To the uninitiated, it doesn't sound at all affective. But it truly is, believe me. Many people vastly prefer this method of home cooling to air conditioning.

The TurboKool is a small unit that is installed on the roof of a motor home or travel trailer into the opening left when the installer removes one of the standard ceiling vents/skylights in the RV. It is also used anywhere else needing cooling without common electrical power:

Think horse trailers, kennels, ranch or farm outbuildings needing cooling but without electricity but that can be powered by 12 volt batteries. Its potential uses are limited only by the ingenuity and imagination of the people needing the cooling it can provide.

It operates on 12 volt power which is, as I've mentioned before, the power source and very life blood of all RVs. The TurboKool has only one moving part, the small fan, and, as I said, that fan runs on 12 volt power. Not only is it 12 volt, but it is a very small fan motor and operates quite nicely from the power drawn when its power source wires are spliced into the, 'Hot', or power line and neutral line to the nearest ceiling light in the RV.

It is, as you've gathered a water based cooling unit so it has to be provided with water.

Well, Duh . . .!

That also low quantity of water needed is supplied by tapping into the nearest existing water line. I installed our unit in our bedroom ceiling and I was able to tap into the nearby shower cold water line immediately behind the shower plumbing and accessible by removing the obligatory plumbing access panel in the bedroom wall, That access panel also exposed the shower vent pipe to the roof.

The cold water line is cut and the provided valve is installed into that cut between the two new ends of that water line. The small water tubing provided by TurboKool is attached to the valve and is simply passed through a drilled hole in that vent pipe (It is only a vapor escape pipe to the roof so nothing is inside it to leak out when a small hole is drilled into it.)

Another small hole just under the vent cap on the roof allows the tube to be fed back outside where it was snaked across the roof to the unit. I used a few cable TV style staples to secure it to the roof replacing the nails in the plastic staples with slender screws and being careful to be generous with caulk to prevent roof leaks.

I installed a small mirror on hinges to the wall in place of the plumbing access panel with a magnetic latch. That's sort of necessary, or something similar, because the valve is installed to turn the cooler water supply on when it's needed. That valve needs to be left closed when the cooler is not being used.

I won't go further into the installation process as the instructions that come with the unit are very good.

Besides, the folks at TurboKool are very friendly and eager to help if and when any problems are encountered as this old dummy did. My own fault, let me add.

The TurboKool has, believe it or not, nine different operational settings!

Yes, that does sound like a lot. But let me explain: There are three fan speeds and all three speeds are available in all three mode settings. There is, obviously, cooling. But besides that the unit can be run on a fan only setting and that does indeed cooled our motor home many times when I just wanted a bit of cooling at bedtime and not full cold air. Lastly, the unit can be run on an exhaust setting in case you ever burn something cooking and want to expel the smoke. Seriously, when one returns from an outing on a hot day and the RV is really hot, a few minutes of exhaust operation will remove much of the hot ear before even turning the unit on cool.

I have encountered only one operational problem in the year since installing the unit which I'll quickly mention:

I noticed at one point a few weeks ago that I had a very small leak trickling down the outside of the motor home. Upon investigating, I saw that the water supply to the TurboKool was leaking slightly. I assume that I caused that problem some weeks earlier when I had noticed an earlier leak at the same fitting.

At that time, I just tightened the fitting a bit and the leak stopped. What I did NOT know was that in tightening that fitting I had caused the float valve inside the unit to turn a quarter turn which caused it to become permanently fixed in the off position affectively stopping all water flow.

The result was that the cooler stopped cooling and I knew not why until I decided that the unit needed an annual maintenance check. I had assumed that some sort of alkaline buildup had stopped the water flow as I had experienced some years ago in a house unit.

Also, the passing time and continuing water pressure had renewed the small leak.

But there was no alkaline buildup. Only the float valve having been turned when I was tending to that earlier leak.

Once that was corrected, everything was fine again.

I guess if I had one suggestion to make to the TurboKool folks, it would be for them to look into the possibility of altering that float valve mechanism so as to include the use of some sort of slot in tab mechanism or something along those lines to eliminate any possibility of the float valve turning at all when locked into place.

Other than that one small suggestion, I have nothing but raves to send their way.

But please believe ne when I tell you that this simple little unit is worth far more than its modest purchase price when doing any level of camping or travelling through the heat of the hottest parts of our amazing U S of A.

And, lastly, believe me also when I tell you that this has been totally and completely unsolicited and I am being paid absolutely nothing at all for creating this document.

I simply am so very impressed with it and I am, at the same time, so amazed at the fact that no one, absolutely NO ONE whom I have told about it or shone it to has ever heard of it.

What a terrible shame.

Maybe I might also suggest to these fine people that they could do with a focused advertising campaign for their amazing product.

Thanks for letting me tell you about it.

R. K. Davis
May 21, 2016

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